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Breakthrough Strategies for Achieving Lifelong Business Success in a 24-7 High Definition, Web-Based Delivery System

Business Finishing School is the world's best business growth company. We have created a blueprint for businesses and business people to follow, in order to wake people up to their FULL business potential!

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Dr. Gentempo discusses CBFS...

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"You know the principles of chiropractic, but do you know the principles of business? Finishing School is like a key that unlocks painful shackles that prevent even the best DC's from experiencing the success and happiness they deserve. We suffer needlessly. I say this based on my own experience. As business owners, DC's need to learn the foundational truths of business. And that is exactly what Finishing School provides."

Patrick Gentempo, Jr., D.C.
Co-Founder of Chiro Business Finishing School



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Bonus Business Article

Why Chiro Business Finishing School?

You know the principles of chiropractic...but do you know the principles of business? There are many reasons why Chiro Business Finishing School is critical for DC's who want to have more fun, less stress and more profit. Here are a few important ones:

    A fact of reality is that if you own a chiropractic practice, you are in business. For the most part, all of the training DC's receive in school and during post grad events is all clinically based. Even practice coaching and consulting is focused on procedures (consult, ROF, marketing, etc.) - but not on universal business principles. Therefore, DC's are competent to deliver a great service, but what about business structure and economic models? Here is where we are deficient. To show up every day in a business without understanding foundational business principles and deploying efficient economic strategies is to suffer day to day, week to week, year to year. To borrow a phrase DC's tell their communities, "we suffer needlessly". CHIRO BUSINESS FINISHING SCHOOL will end that suffering.

    Chiropractors will often express the sentiment, "I love chiropractic and I love my patients, I just hate the business!" The truth is...No Business = No Patients. No Business = No Chiropractic. You can't hate what makes what you love possible! This hellish contradiction translates at the very least into significant underperformance and very often, into burnout and failure. Learning the business principles of CHIRO BUSINESS FINISHING SCHOOL will help you "Love the Business"...and then, the business will love you back.

    Rick is not a consultant or public personality. Rick Sapio is Dr. Gentempo's business mentor. He is a guy who is the CEO of a holding company that has over 35 business holdings in it. He has been developing and practicing these business principles for years. Rick and Dr. G are in a weekly mastermind/accountability group together which is where Dr. Gentempo started learning and applying what Rick taught him. The impact was so profound, Dr. G. felt compelled to bring Rick to the chiropractic profession because the need and impact of what Rick teaches is so immense. Dr. Gentempo is quoted as saying, "After running 2 multi-million dollar businesses for many years, I felt I was pretty business savvy - especially in the field of chiropractic. I knew a lot about the tactics of running a chiropractic practice. Care plans, marketing, communications, etc. Indeed, I taught these things successfully to DC's for many years. However, what I didn't realize is that there was a deeper foundation to the understanding of business in general. Simple but profound principles that I learned from Rick Sapio. During the worst economy of my lifetime, these principles have had massive positive impact not only on my businesses, but my entire life because of the reduction of stress and the increase in efficiency and clarity with which everything functions. The crazy thing is how obvious these principles are. Sort of like chiropractic principles as they relate to health...simple, but profound and life-changing."